Round Trip Roundup: AUGUST

This month was crazy flurry of chaos, and I’m really looking forward to getting in the swing of September.  August didn’t look the way I expected, but there is still such good to celebrate.  Here’s my top 5 for the month:

1. Book launch

Anotha one.  This month I launched my new book, the Travel Thoughts Journal.  It’s a 12-day guided travel journaling for deep, meaningful experiences.  Each day includes new prompts and space to tape or glue in fun things you pick up throughout the day.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset2. Piercing

New hole, who dis?  You know those things you keep saying you’ll do but never get around to it?  I’ve been saying I’m going to get my cartilage pierced for months, and I finally pulled the plug.  The original plan was to watercolor with Cate, and then on a whim, I said, maybe I could get my cartilage pierced.  And that was that.  Going to tattoo parlors on a random Thursday night in August with friends is a memory to cherish for sure!Piercing Cate Round Trip August3. Gal pals 

I’ve been absolutely smothered with good gal pal time this month whether it’s drinking coffee, showing each other our new homes or just gabbing on the couch.  After a summer of being separated, it’s been an absolute joy to reconnect with the gals.Kait August Round Trip.jpg4. Insta fast

Going MIA ain’t always a bad thing.  I deleted my Insta app for part of August, and it was oh-so refreshing.  Life is crazy enough, and while I won’t stay off Instagram forever, it was good to take some time away to focus on what I need to accomplish this month.

5. Feng shui

I’m all about this Chinese method and believe redecorating does wonders.  This month I decided to redesign my bedroom wall with one of the maps my sister bought for me at a garage sale.  (Like, seriously?  One buck for dozens of maps is a steal!)Travel Wall Maps Cartography Round TripTravel Wall United States Map Cartography Round Trip

I’m hoping September settles down in comparison to this month, and I’m excited to see what’s coming this semester!

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