Around the World in 9 Months: Abby Heskett on the World Race Gap Year

You turn the tassel, pick up the diploma and shake the principal’s hand.  And then you move on with your life; you go to college or get a job.  But Abby Heskett didn’t take the traditional route after high school graduation.  Traveling to Cambodia, Honduras, Guatemala and Ethiopia, she embarked upon the World Race Gap [...]


Why I Switched From Amazon Publishing to Blurb

I'm ambitious, honestly maybe too ambitious at times.  I've always had an interest in writing, journaling and creating.  (In the sixth grade, I made my own newsletter for the boy band fan club I created.)  And that desire has only intensified as I've taken classes and matured as a person.  In 2014 I started my [...]

11 Travel Movies to Inspire Your Next Adventure

I’m living in the restless in-between, when adventures and new places feel both distant in the past and far-off in the future. While nothing cures that melancholy like booking a flight, the next best thing to satisfy that wanderlust craving is to queue up a series of travel-themed movies. While your wallet and commitments demand [...]

40 Things to Do in Columbia, MO

“Missouri, it’s not that bad.”  I’ve heard this catchphrase and seen this laptop sticker oh-so many times.  This Midwestern state doesn’t get the best rap, but I’ve grown more fond of it over the years.  From hiking trails to antique shops, Missouri has more to offer than first meets the eye. Columbia sits smack dab [...]