How to Spend a Semester in New Zealand

What in the world did I just get myself into?  The thought crossed his mind, but Drew Port had already booked his flight to New Zealand and enrolled in the University of Auckland.  It was a spur-of-the-moment decision, but he doesn’t regret his decision to study abroad.  Drew’s days consisted of class from Monday to… Continue reading How to Spend a Semester in New Zealand


Travel Needn’t Be So Posh

Cramped on a blanket in the park on a Sunday afternoon, we sat discussing French while eating croissants and gourmet cheese.  It’d been a gloomy day, and I really didn’t feel like driving all the way downtown for this French honor society rendez-vous.  But I’m so glad I did. Even though our little group spans… Continue reading Travel Needn’t Be So Posh