Round Trip Roundup: SEPTEMBER

As crazy of the beginning of the semester, there’s nothing like routine for a type A gal like me.  Settling into my new home has been so sweet with fantastic roommates and cozy space.  Some people crave excitement, and while I do too, I take such pleasure in the daily processes like my morning routine of making my bed and journaling each morning.  Looking back on the month, here’s my top 5:

1. Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour

There’s nothing like belting out “Blank Space” with your sisters in a stadium with thousands of other fans.  This month I went to Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour, and although it’s not my favorite album of hers (Fearless forever!), I enjoyed her high-energy show.  But my favorite part of the show was seeing a darling old gent movin’ and groovin’ just a few rows behind me, and this spirited veteran ended up making the news.

2. Book redesign

In 2017, I published my first book, 40 Ways to Travel Better.  I reached out to graphic designer Cat Reifschneider (@catdrawingthings) to help me redesign my book and update its look.  Coming soon!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

3. Weekend getaway

It doesn’t have to be far, but getting away can be just what you need to reset.  This month I went on a retreat to the middle of nowhere in Missouri.  It was lovely to connect with friends and go canoeing on the little pond.

4. The wanderlust is real

I’m counting down the days till my next trip, and Abby’s 9-month journey across the world isn’t helping me be patient.  Plans are in the works for a trip to Europe in January, and I’m really having a hard time not thinking about that fact on the daily.

5. Thoughts on imperfection

This September saw immense growth, specifically in the realm of realizing the depths of my perfectionism.  I put so much pressure on myself to be the best at everything and be the perfect friend and family member, but it’s exhausting.  It’s incredibly draining and just impossible.  I hate admitting failure or even just not meeting expectations I set for myself.  I’ve posted on Wednesday mornings consistently for over two years now, and this month, I missed one.  (It went up the following day!)  As small as that may seem to you, fear of not measuring up paralyzes to me, and as odd as it may sound, it was actually healthy and therapeutic to take a break.  Where do you need to give yourself grace this month?

I hate how fast time is moving, and the changing leaves only remind me of how temporary this life is.  Here’s to savoring every last moment of this month.

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