Round Trip Roundup: OCTOBER

It wouldn’t have been right to do it any sooner.  But fall is officially in full swing, which means I can bust out my fall-scented candle.  This pumpkin nutmeg scent not only makes my home more cozy but also reminds me that it’s finally fall.  I look forward to new seasons: the pumpkin scent of fall, the snowflakes of winter, the crisp mornings of spring and the spontaneity of summer.

But when it comes to anticipating seasons in my life, fear sets the tone.  It’s not the way it used to be.  Why can’t things go back to the way they were?  Can I stay this age forever?  Where will I be in a year?  More so recently, my mind has been spinning with what ifs and wishes for things that just simply aren’t so, and it’s so exhausting to be constantly discontent.  The truth is there is so much to celebrate.  Looking back and forward isn’t wrong — it’s essential — but when it robs us of present joy, it becomes detrimental.  That being said, there is much to recall and highlight from this month with these being my top 5:

1. Halloween costume

As a kid, I loved dressing up for Halloween whether I was a prom queen or dalmatian.  But once I started the 7th grade, I heard the devastating news from my parents that I was too old to trick or treat anymore.  But these past years, I’ve been dressing up again for costume parties, and I look forward to coming up with something new and creative each year.  (Because let’s be real; you’re a Halloweenie if you don’t dress up!)

This year I dressed up as my 6th grade self in all her Jonas Brothers fandom.  My roommate and I scoured Goodwill, and I scored a sparkly pink sweater for 87 cents.  I strutted the classic side pony tail, excessive bracelets, layered look and leggings underneath a skirt.  It was something else; let me just say that.

2. Europe prep

In just several months, I will be heading to Europe, and I am absolutely elated.  Our blink-of-an-eye trip includes stops in Prague, Brussels, Barcelona and Rome.  I’ve been jamming to Cheetah Girls and checked out a historical fiction book set in Prague at the library.  This month has been full of anticipation and preparation and is truly one of the few things getting me through my to-do list the length of the Great Wall of China.

3. Let’s live right now

I’m so prone to fear, and that fact has really hit me this month.  Fear of what should’ve and what if often dictates my thoughts, and I’ve decided enough is enough.  This month I’ve been learning to celebrate right now because there will never be another moment like this.  We’ll cross that bridge when we’ll get there, and what happened yesterday is in the past.  This means actively choosing to enjoy today whether it’s Chick-fil-A runs with my roommates or chill Friday nights spent baking and listening to orchestra music.

4. I released the latest edition of my book!

I’ve been hard at work with graphic designer Catherine Reifschneider to reformat and revise my book 40 Ways to Travel Better.  I’m just smitten with her new design and hope you will be too.  Learn more and grab a free chapter!

5. New favorite nook in town

I’ve been living in my town for over two years now, but I’m always finding “my” spot.  My local library is huge and a great place to study or just get lost.  I checked out Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad’s biography and have been using my spare moments to learn more about her life as a Yazidi woman.

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