The Best Of: Round Trip

Four flippin’ years.  If you would’ve told the bright-eyed girl with a dream to start a blog on that snow day (probably still in her pjs) that she’d still be chugging along four years later, I’m not even sure I’d believe you.  This blog has been some of the best hands-on experience for personal and professional growth and just a darn fun hobby.  Writing about experiences makes you an active thinker, not a passive bystander.  Round Trip has given me the outlet and the audience to do just that.

That being said, there’s been dozens of posts published (almost 200) in the amount of time someone could get her bachelor’s degree.  So on my blog’s birthday, I’m sharing some of my top posts over these past 1460 days:

Biggest Hits:

  1. 31 Things to Do in St. Louis-A list of some of my favorite things to do while in the Lou.
  2. 11 Things to Do in Destin-Sweet sunshine and cool waves!  Here’s a roundup of things to soak up Destin, Florida.
  3. Where to Eat in Destin, Florida-You might as well eat while you’re there too.
  4. 12 Things to Do in Columbia-The Midwest isn’t all boring.  Here’s a guide to this college town in good ole Missouri.
  5. 3 Tips to Travel Journal like a Pro-We all get writer’s block, but these handy tips will help you beat it.

My Favorite Destinations:

  1. France-Truly anywhere in this country is on my bucket list.  Some highlights: living in Toulouse for a summer and taking a road trip in the south.
  2. New York City-I love the fast pace and endless excitement of the Big Apple.
  3. Los Angeles, California-Another favorite, L.A. has some of the most beautiful sights I’ve laid eyes on and is only a ferry ride away from Catalina Island.
  4. Slovenia-This Eastern European country surprised me, and I want to go back for those sparkling waves.
  5. Assisi, Italy-I’ve been to Florence, Rome and the Vatican, but this quaint village was the peak of my Italy experience.

Top Traveler Spotlights:

  1. Soul Searching on the Road: a Journey to the West Coast
  2. Maddie Koerner on Solo Travel & Life in Europe
  3. Inside the Life of an Au Pair in Europe
  4. Confessions of a Study Abroad Student
  5. The Ins and Outs of Israel According to an Expat

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