Photo Diary: Christmas Markets in Prague

I’d heard of these Christmas markets and how magical they were, but I had yet to see them for myself until I visited Prague this January.

Christmas had been over for more than a week, but Prague’s Christmas markets in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square were abuzz with sweet treats and little trinkets.

From puppets to ornaments, notebooks to magnets, these stalls are stacked. If you’re able to walk through these markets without seeing a trdelník or hot wine punch for sale — actually I truly do not believe it’s possible.

Trdelníks are churro-like pastries with a large center filled with a topping of your choice such as strawberries and cream, ice cream or Nutella. You can see them cooking on the stove right before your eyes as they spin around and around. Another must is the hot wine punch typically garnished with an orange slice. It’s spiced and sweet, and this drink will keep you and your hands warm as you explore.

The Old Town Square Christmas market had the largest Christmas tree I have ever seen in life. I can’t even imagine how they got it there and hung all the ornaments! And on one side, there was stage with a children’s choir performing. Is this a Hallmark movie or what?

These markets were one of the highlights from my trip to Prague. My heart overflowed as I walked through the lit-up stalls with my wine in one hand and pastries in the other. I felt giddy and galloped along the cobblestone streets like a child on Christmas morning. I think I annoyed Erica and Hongyu with all my squeals because I was just so struck by the cheer of the lights and spirit of the square.

I received lots of fun things under the tree like my Sperry boots, which are coming in handy for this trip, but little tops this experience at the Christmas markets in Prague.

9 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Christmas Markets in Prague

  1. Rosie says:

    Prague looks lovely and festive – and that tree is ginormous! I visited a fair few in and around Alsace (where I spent my year abroad), and had my first taste of German Christmas markets last year, but I’d happily visit others in the future. I could never tire of visiting Christmas markets 🙂

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