Photo Diary: Dallas Arboretum

I like to hit the ground running. I’m spending my summer in the deep south, in Texas that is, and although I won’t be traveling across the globe this summer, I’m looking forward to digging in deep and exploring Texas.

My first adventure was the Dallas Arboretum. Other than the fact that it’s all over Pinterest, I also know two couples who got engaged here. My mom and I made the drive and explored the many plants that this botanical garden has to offer.

Texas is hot, like, humid hot. It was toasty, but the breeze and shade brought bliss to my damp skin. I’m pretty sure every elementary school class in the Dallas-Forth Worth area was taking a field trip the afternoon visited. Their matching t-shirts and rolling down the hills again and again and again made me smile. Oh, to be a kid. I couldn’t keep track of all the photo shoots we passed: bridal, engagement, graduation, quinceañera.

The bottom line is this place is gorgeous. It seems to be a place for either the very young or the very old: Two elderly women on their motor scooters zoomed past us chatting about their artificial knees. And it was a hot spot for moms to push their strollers around with a view.

We didn’t fit into either category, but it was sweet to walk around with my mom as I got settled into my new normal. I’ve been living mostly without my mom for years, but having to say goodbye when she left was much harder than I’d anticipated. Note to self and all other selves: spend time with your mom. Especially at pretty places.

Moving to Texas wasn’t something I had my heart set upon, but as every day goes by, I’m realizing this is exactly where I’m supposed to be. I don’t know the future, but I do know I’m really falling for Dallas and am excited for what the summer holds.

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