Photo Diary: Dallas Farmers Market

Before I moved to Dallas, I did my homework. I researched and read different blogs on all the best things to do in Dallas, which yielded me a long bucket list that I refer to most weekends. It’s easy to move to a new place and get so sucked into the daily routine of life: get up, go to work, eat dinner, work out, go to bed, repeat.

But not this summer. For these few months that I’ll be spending in Dallas, I want to soak up every last inch of this bustling city. One thing on my list was the Dallas Farmers Market. My friend and I decided to visit a museum, and as an afterthought, I tacked on the Farmers Market. Maybe we’d drop by and just get a look?

Wrong. It ended up becoming the main event of the day. It wasn’t just fresh fruit and veggies; it was street tacos and gluten-free cinnamon rolls. It wasn’t a shambly grouping of white tents; it was a well-established area with indoor and outdoor options. It wasn’t dinky trinkets and jewelry; it was Texas-themed prints and handmade earrings.

Let me tell you: I’m not a Texas girl. Ask anyone who knows me. I don’t like country music, and I’ve never pictured myself “moving down south.” But Dallas is showing me a healthy mix of urban chic and Texas charm. And this farmers market has me falling for Texas!

The day started out with a gluten-free cinnamon roll from Hannah’s Gluten-Free Bakery. It brought me back to Sunday mornings before church during my childhood when my mom would make cinnamon rolls.

We stopped by Choca loca designs, and y’all. I had the hardest time deciding which pair of earrings to buy. I’d just called my mom the day before and gushed about my first real big-girl paycheck and how I wanted to build a savings account. I practiced self-control by not buying half the stall, but I did indulge in some sweet pink fringe earrings.

Be sure to stop by the gardens and get a photo with the sunflowers and mural. And say hi to the roosters, too!

We crossed the street and poked around Whiski Designs, and again, I had to practice some self-control. This store specializes in whimsical Texas prints, coasters and other home goodies. I just might have to go back and buy a new print for my wall.

We kept walking and found a darling floral and home goods boutique called Charming at the Market. Another spot I might just have to return to after a paycheck.

We finished up with lunch at Taqueria La Ventana where I had some savory and inexpensive tacos (one pollo, the other pastor) that hit the spot.

I easily could’ve spent another couple hours here and have to go back someday. The indoor-outdoor setup made the heat bearable, and honestly, the food, jewelry and home goods captivated me so much that I didn’t mind the steps or the heat.

What are your favorite things to do at the Dallas Farmers Market?

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