My Lifetime Bucket List

There’s that Susan Sontag saying about how she hasn’t been everywhere, but it’s on her list. And I can’t resonate more. You’d think that the more you travel, the more satisfied you’d be. Wrong — you end up craving even more adventures. I’ve crossed 11 countries off my list, but I have another 180-something more countries to go.

Recently, I started typing out my running bucket list in the notes section of my phone because writing out your goals makes them more concrete. Today I’m sharing my running bucket list with you along with bucket list-worthy adventures you gotta have for yourself:

1 . Head up the Eiffel Tower ✓

I’ve done this not once but twice, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. The magic of Paris hasn’t worn off, and I can’t stress strongly enough that it should be on everyone’s bucket list. I’ve been to Paris twice, but this past time I only had 12 hours to do and see it all.

2 . Sleep under the Northern Lights ☐

This colorful sky fascinates me, and while I’ve explored the typical France/UK/Italy hotspots of western Europe, I have yet to wander the northern parts. I might just splurge on an igloo of sorts.

3 . Float in the Dead Sea ☐

Sometimes those random, on-a-whim decisions end up being some of your best. Because I needed a really specific credit to satisfy both of my majors’ general education requirements, I signed up for a Middle Eastern geography class. I remember on the first day of class, our professor asked us to share why we were taking the class, and I didn’t have much of an answer. To graduate on time, I guess? But by the end of the course, I found that this class ended up being one of my favorites. The Middle East fascinates me, and I hope to visit soon.

4 . Live in France ✓

Check and mate. In the summer of 2017, I lived in southern France and spent arguably the most magical weekend of my life in a castle. (I have connections with nobility, it’s no big deal!) Even though I lived there for a summer, I’m still itching to have another stint in my second home. Fingers crossed I’ll be back soon.

5 . Hike in the Grand Canyon ☐

It’s funny how we Americans always crave trips to Europe, which is entirely legitimate. But we often forget the treasures in our very own country. I’d like to make it to Arizona for a *mild* hike in the Grand Canyon. Not a huge camping girl — okay, actually I’m just not at all. But doing it for the views!

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6 . Visit the Met in New York City ✓

It was probably a whopping 1 degree when I visited the Met over the winter, but this art museum has so much to explore. We didn’t even get through it all, so I guess I’ll have to go back.

7 . Eat pad thai in Thailand ☐

I’ve been living in Texas this summer and eating mainly Tex-Mex, a decision for which I have no complaints, but I’m seriously craving a bowl of pad thai from Bangkok Gardens in Columbia. But on my bucket list is a trip to Thailand to eat the OG deal. I’ve heard that once you get to Asia, it’s very cheap to travel around, and these views make me want to stay for awhile.

8 . Go sledding in the Swiss Alps ☐

I took a night train through Switzerland but never actually put my feet on Swiss soil. My brother recently went there, and everyone says it’s gorgeous. I can’t ski, but I would love to go sledding in the Alps.

9 . Practice my French in Montreal ☐

Okay, and maybe I’ll try some poutine. My French major naturally makes me want to visit France and other French-speaking countries, but I often forget that the U.S. has a francophone country up north. And after a brief trip to Vancouver, my interest is piqued.

10 . Paddle board in Hawaii ☐

I work with a company that recently started service to Hawaii, which means a lot of my work is dealing with Hawaii and all the fun things it has to offer. My sorority sister Caitlyn also lived there for a summer, and her Oahu adventures make me drool! The photos are stunning, and I just have to see it for myself.

11 . Eat gelato in Italy ✓

I can’t count the number of gelatos I’ve purchased in Italy, and it really is as good as it’s cracked up to be. On my last trip to Rome, I made a pact to order gelato every single day, and I’m no quitter and reached that goal.

12 . Nosh on some Belgian fries ✓

The meal pictured below brings me into a halcyon daze because this steak-frites paired with champagne is making my mouth water just typing this. Maybe mussels is your thing, which is another thing Brussels is known for, but it tasted too fishy for me. But the fries are a good bet!

13 . Live like the rich and famous in Monte Carlo ☐

Even if for just a day. I’d also like to tack on exploring the French Riviera, and next summer, I’m heading there with my mom and sisters on a Trafalgar tour. I’m only a tad bit excited! And I owe the movie Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez and Leighton Meister for my dreams of visiting here.

14 . Explore an ancient civilization in Mexico ☐

It’s not surprising that my French major self would daydream more about trips to Europe than South America, but I know there is so much to explore down south. I remember learning about the different ancient civilizations in the 5th grade, and I’d love to see these ruins for myself. Also, Mexican food has rarely disappointed me, and I’d love to taste the real deal.

15 . Stroll Christmas markets in Prague ✓

Y’all. I cannot recommend traveling to Prague and especially its Christmas markets enough. Prague was part of a Europe tour I went on, and to be honest, I was more excited about some of our other stops. But Prague ended up being my favorite stop on our tour, and these enchanting markets with their hot spiced wine and warm cinnamon pastries is a big reason why.

16 . Walk along the Great Wall of China ☐

Having several friends who have visited or are from China makes me want to add this destination to my bucket list. It’s one of the largest countries on this planet, and I feel like visiting China is a must.

17 . Wander the Egyptian pyramids ☐

After learning about Egypt in my middle Eastern classes and even in church, I’d love to see these pyramids and mummies with my own two eyes. Everyone has a different travel style, but mine definitely includes learning the history and culture of a place — and Egypt has plenty to offer.

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18 . Ride a camel in Morocco ☐

I have a gut feeling that it won’t feel as glamorous or smooth as it looks, but especially after one of my favorite bloggers Helene as well as my friend Mackenzie traveled there, it’s jumped up on my bucket list.

19 . Ride the London Eye ✓

It’s been awhile since I’ve traipsed around London, but one of my favorite memories was riding the London Eye for its great views of the city. When visiting the Big Smoke, be sure to stop by this ferris wheel 2.0.

20 . Snorkel in Australia ☐

I often forget about all the treasures in the Pacific Ocean, and Australia reminds me of why I want to explore this corner of the world. I’ve never been snorkeling, and these blue waters and coral reefs have me itching to dive in.

Did I write about your favorite spot? Tell me in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “My Lifetime Bucket List

  1. LA Gienke says:

    All of them amazing! It would be fun to tag along. Praying God opens up the perfect opportunities for you that make these only shadows in comparison. (And that along the way, you can cross many of these off!)LA

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