11 Best Travel Apps

Checking out a travel guide from a library or gasp — actually going to a bookstore instead of Amazon Prime to plan a trip feels distant. While I’m a lover of print and enjoy holding a tangible book, I admit to how accessible the internet makes all types of information. Being connected not only means we get to chat with our friends more but also prepare for our trips more efficiently. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of travel apps out there, and I’m here to share 11 of my favorite travel apps that you gotta download before your next trip.

1. Google Maps

For someone who loves travel so much, I have no sense of direction. Even with map apps, I still find ways to get lost, but definitely download this one before departure. I prefer Google Maps to Apple Maps for its better usability and accuracy.

2. Spotify

And let’s go premium while we’re at it. This is easily one of my most used apps in daily life, but when I have a long train ride or flight, I love being able to listen to tunes to keep me company. Be sure to download your favorite playlists while on WiFi.

3. TripAdvisor

This one isn’t only for reviews. If you make an account, you can save certain spots to your saved trips. I made trip pages for different cities I’ve visited such as Paris so that when I’m there, I can whip out my phone on my trip and see where all my itinerary items are in relation to each other.

4. Adobe Lightroom

Nope, I’m not a VSCO girl. I love my Adobe Lightroom app, which makes it easy to edit photos so that I can keep my fans satisfied while looking good 🙂 Okay, actually just to keep my mom satisfied, but alas. I prefer this app to VSCO and other photo editing apps because of its extensive customizable features.

5. Banking app

While I don’t recommend using your banking app when on public WiFi, keeping close tabs on your accounts is always a great idea. On my bank’s app, I can easily set travel notices and get help if needed.

6. Uber

I’d deleted my Uber app to save space and, naturally, needed it when removed from my phone. Make sure your Uber app is up to date and your banking info is properly loaded. Pro tip: make sure it’s connected to a card that doesn’t have international fees because I was charged transaction fees for using Uber while abroad. (Once I switched my payment method to my fee-free travel credit card, I was ready to go.)

7. Venmo

This ones comes in handy especially when traveling with friends. I’ve used Zelle once, but most of my pals have Venmo, which makes it extra easy to split the check and pay each other back — instead of tallying it up in hopes of remembering it weeks later. 

8. Hopper

This airline price tracker is great if you’re flexible on dates and willing to wait for good prices. It sends you notifications when prices rise and fall and gives you advice as to whether you should hop on the deal or wait for a better one.

9. Airline app

Also consider downloading your airline’s app before departure. There’s a good chance it’ll make checking in for your flight easier and notify you of delays. When I fly Southwest, I like to use my app’s digital ticket, too.

10. WordReference

Google Translate just doesn’t do it. As someone who’s been a foreign language student for years, I’ve had great success with WordReference as a reliable resource. WordReference can help you find the right words and translate the confusing ones — or just all of them.

11. Pinterest

This is where I start with virtually all my working travel itineraries. Create boards for specific trips so that you can easily reference or do last-minute research for your upcoming adventure.

What are your favorite travel apps? Tell me in the comments.

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