Round Trip Roundup: OCTOBER

Okay, wow. I didn’t change my calendars to November until, like, November 3 and honestly forgot about a roundup post that I’ve been doing every month for years. Ever have those seasons where you just feel a bit off? I relate on a deeply spiritual level. This month was stacked with late-night magazine productions, little sleep, Halloween celebrations and lots of feels for the next chapter known as graduation, which is peeping its scary little head around spring’s corner.

Alas, this month I’ve been reminded of my humanity, which isn’t my favorite thing. I’m pretty much Super Woman, right? Wrong. Dropping the ball, being exhausted, feeling stretched beyond ability, not being able to be everything to everyone. To be honest, it’s been a tough month, but there is still so much to celebrate, including the new Kanye album. (It’s been on repeat, let me tell ya!) Here’s my top 5 for the month:

1 . My brand new course!

This month I launched The Ultimate Guide to Travel Budgeting and Saving, an online course that walks you through everything you need to plan for your trip financially. I share the best travel credit cards, ways to make extra cash (some without lifting a finger) and how to save wisely. Here’s a free sneak peek.

2 . Small town traipsing

Although October was a tough month, one thing that made it sweeter was a visit from my dear old dad. We noshed on diner breakfast and made our way over the Rocheport where we rented a tandem bike from Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop. (P.S. riding a tandem bike is just as easy as a normal bike, especially when your partner is doing most of the work hehe.) We took a nice bike ride on the Katy Trail, antiqued in Boonville and had some great father-daughter time.

3 . Southwest: The Magazine bylines

Over the summer, I worked for Southwest Airlines’ in-flight magazine, and it has been surreal seeing the pieces I wrote months ago finally in print. I got to interview an original Ninja Turtle and write about one of my favorite cities, the one and only St. Louis. (Go, Blues!)

4 . Winery tour

Most know how to drink it, but wow, how to make it is another story. This month I took a winery tour of Les Bourgeois Winery in Rocheport, Missouri. Wine seems like this classy, luxe business, and although the results might be, the process takes years and lots of calculations. From how long it’s aged to the type of oak barrel, to how much you press the grapes to how the weather affected the grapes, there is a bevy of things that must happen before it gets poured into your glass.

5 . Halloween costume

Sooooo this summer I may or may not have watched all three seasons of Stranger Things in less than two weeks. Okay, you got me; I confess. For Halloween, I had to dress up as the girl boss Eleven herself, and because I didn’t want to spend money on fake blood I’d only use once (and no one in the 2 million group messages that I asked had any either), I used some sparkly lipstick as the “blood” under my nose. I like to think I’m savvy.

With break in sight, I’m so unbelievably excited for winter break and the holiday season. Here’s to finishing strong!

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