Indulge in the adventures awaiting you.

A round trip doesn’t begin at arrival and end at departure; it’s a continuum.  So much goes into a trip from packing to playlists, planning activities and preparing for a solo journey.  And while a round trip does include a number of trips to places like St. Louis and London, it also includes the adventures in your everyday life: trying international food at a local grocery store or planning the perfect Parisian soirée.

The whole mission of Round Trip is to encourage readers to step out there and try something new whether or not they can hop on a plane.  My passion is for people to be authentic and to push themselves to be the best they can be.  My favorite outlet for adventure is travel, but with lots of responsibility on my plate right now, it’s not logical to travel full-time.  My hope is that you see that you don’t need to leave your hometown to explore, grow as a person and embrace the daily journey.

Even if you’re not able to drop everything and move to the rain forests of Costa Rica, grab a cup of java and open up Round Trip to see other parts of the world, to experience travel in your home and gather up bunches of tidbits of information for your next adventure.  But ultimately, travel isn’t just a one week activity.  Seek to explore and cultivate your curiosity even when you’re not on the road.how-to-wear-a-travel-backpack-columbia-mo-round-trip-travelmieroglyphs-aztec-bracelet-america-travel

About Me
American.  Social butterfly.  Lover of all things French.  Fresh pineapple is basically dessert to me.  Aspiring magazine journalist.  Trip bucket list: Monte Carlo and Switzerland.

Visited Europe in 2014 and absolutely fell in love with it (especially with Paris).

Trying escargots (and liking it) was definitely a step outside my comfort zone but a for-sure highlight experience.

Europe was perfect, dazzling, magical, fantastic minus one night, arguably one of the worst nights of my life.  Read about it here.

Oh, and if you’ve read any of my posts, you’ve probably met my dear, sweet Cammie (my Nikon D3200).  She’s fabulous and has visited six countries and has sustained only one notable fall in the process.

2016 saw trips to Disney World, Colorado and Los Angeles.

And Round Trip has also had the privilege of being featured on Explore St. Louis as well as winning the Liebster Award and the Versatile Blogger Award.St Louis Missouri Forest Parkmieroglyphs-vegan-aztec-round-trip-travel-americaeiffel-tower-paris-france-round-trip-travel

If I can’t be abroad, flipping through old travel scrapbooks while listening to Ghost Stories by Coldplay or the Monte Carlo soundtrack and sipping on a caramel latte will just have to do.




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