Your 48-Hour Guide to Morocco

Let’s just say that Epcot’s Morocco has nothing on the real thing, and Mackenzie Nelson will tell you that from firsthand experience in Tangier, Chefchaouen and Tetuan.  She’s currently studying abroad in Cannes, France, and found an international student excursion group called We Love Spain that was organizing a trip to Morocco.  With its reasonable [...]


Everything You Need to Know About Traveling to Italy

A summer in Milan spent studying fashion design, image and styling isn’t swinging for the fences; it was a reality for Kaitlin Sheppard.  Most days of the week were spent in class from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., but her weekends took her to Lake Como, Cinque Terra, Rome, Florence and Belluno.  I asked Kait [...]

Round Trip Roundup: FEBRUARY

Snow bombarded mid-Missouri this month, and I'm so over it. The number of snow and ice days were more than I wanted or needed, and they had me dreaming about my glory days bopping around Europe but also blogging about them. This month was short but packed with celebrating gal pals for Valentine's Day and [...]

Rome City Guide

I’d been to Rome once but wasn’t wild about it.  I preferred Florence and small town Assisi, but my second time to Rome redeemed it once and for all.  The first time I went, apparently I was too tired and overheated, but this January, I returned and absolutely loved it! If you’re headed to Rome, [...]

Brussels City Guide

Welcome to the land of gourmet chocolate, warm fries and musician Stromae.  I was naturally drawn to Belgium for its French influence because it’s French, y’all.  It’s an interesting mix of both French and Dutch cultures, both the romantic and practical architecture.  Although this isn’t my favorite destination of all time, there were some moments [...]

Barcelona City Guide

Cue the Cheetah Girls and a dreamy guitar boy.  That’s your hint that I didn’t know much about Barcelona even though I took seven years of Spanish in grade school — of which I retained nada.  No se?  It was January, and our group had just been to Prague, Brussels and Paris so we were [...]

How to Spend A Day in Paris

I know what you're thinking. It simply can't be done. Pas du tout ! Listen here: if a day is all you have, take it and don't look back. I was on a Europe tour, and France wasn't on the list. Being the wannabe francophile I am, which shouldn't come as a shock, I squeezed [...]

Round Trip Roundup: JANUARY

6 countries, 7 cities, 100 plus miles walked. You could say January was stacked. I spent the majority of the month abroad and living out of a suitcase. Those city guides should be hitting your news feeds and inboxes each Wednesday for the next month at least. Although you'll be reading more in depth about [...]

Prague City Guide

Oh, Prague.  I didn’t know much about you; you weren’t at the top of my bucket list.  I’d heard good things but had lots more places to see before I made time for you.  But this January, you wowed me. Western Europe is a hotspot for tourists as it should be.  There are lots of [...]

How to Make Money Through Your Blog

It’s all about the bottom line, and I don’t think that always has to be a bad thing.  You work hard to share your expertise, and hey, running a blog is expensive from paying for your domain to buying necessary materials for your posts.  I’ve been blogging for more than four years and have learned [...]