Photo Diary: Dallas Arboretum

I like to hit the ground running. I'm spending my summer in the deep south, in Texas that is, and although I won't be traveling across the globe this summer, I'm looking forward to digging in deep and exploring Texas. My first adventure was the Dallas Arboretum. Other than the fact that it's all over [...]


How to Start a Blog

I get it. You have a lot to say, and you need to say it. The great thing about the internet is that there's virtually limitless, free space to share your thoughts. Yes, there are thousands of blogs out on the web, but I believe everyone has a story and valuable things to say. If [...]

How to Plan Your Travel Budget + Free Worksheet

For better or for worse, there is no one size fits all for travel budgets. If two different friends came to me and asked for helping on planning a trip to Prague, these budgets wouldn't look the same, even if they had the same amount of money to spend. That's because we all have different [...]

Round Trip Roundup: APRIL

Anxious jitters. Constantly checking email. Working out constantly to funnel my restless energy. Unknown. April was a month of anticipation, and as it's coming to a close, I cannot help but be overwhelmed with gratefulness. Summer plans have been up in the air, and being the type A girl who has to be in control [...]

A Local’s Guide to Moscow

Be friendly because you never know who you might meet. This January I was on a study abroad tour through four different countries, and it was in Belgium that I met Sasha Regida. She joined some of our sessions and introduced herself. She was Russian, currently lives in Arkansas and wants to write a book. [...]

My Favorite Travel Gear

Eleven countries later, and I'm starting to figure things out. I'm often asked what travel gear I recommend from shoes to bags. It definitely depends on the type of trip and activities you'll be doing, but after many trips, here are some of my favorite travel tools and gear: This post contains affiliate links, which [...]

How to Eat Gluten-Free While Abroad

I get it.  Jumping on a jet and going across the ocean is exciting, but when you have dietary restrictions, it can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if you’re gluten-intolerant or have celiac disease.  I’ve been eating gluten-free for more than six years, and I have three family members with celiac disease.  But here’s the [...]