Travel Thoughts Journal is on the market!

We all have thoughts and stories to tell, but getting them on paper is a whole different issue. And our travel experiences aren't immune to this writer's block. It's during these weeks that we're flooded with emotions and experiences we know we'll cherish, but oftentimes these moments become foggy just months after we return home.… Continue reading Travel Thoughts Journal is on the market!


City Guide to Seattle

There’s this cult-like following of the Pacific Northwest.  Other hot vacation spots like Cabo or Florida just don’t compare to the hype surrounding PNW disciples.  At the end of July, I made my first trip to the Pacific Northwest, and I can see why all the fuss—its nature access, perfect weather and stunning views make… Continue reading City Guide to Seattle


Photo Diary: Chihuly Museum in Seattle

"We'll stop by the Space Needle and this glass museum that's highly rated."  My mom had set the itinerary for our trip to Seattle, and while I knew we had to stop by the famed Space Needle, the OG Starbucks and the classic Pike Place Market, I'd never heard of the Chihuly Museum.  How could… Continue reading Photo Diary: Chihuly Museum in Seattle


Round Trip Roundup: JULY

The black car seat leather burns my thighs as I jump in to speed to my Pure Barre class.  Hot air blasts my face, and I fumble with the buttons to find a radio station not playing commercials.  They play the same five songs over and over again–it's always Michael Jackson, Sheryl Crow or some… Continue reading Round Trip Roundup: JULY


An Italian Wedding & A Swiss Tipi

Now, Sal, we're leaving everything behind us and entering a new and unknown phase of things. All the years and troubles and kicks—and now this! so that we can safely think of nothing else and just go on ahead with our faces stuck out like this, you see, and understand the world as, really and genuinely speaking, other… Continue reading An Italian Wedding & A Swiss Tipi


Caribbean Vacation in St. Martin

The life of zip lining across a forest, digging your toes in the sand and hiking a volcano is the dream.  For fellow blogger and friend Kaitlyn Bailey, this dream became a reality last summer when she traveled to St. Maarten, Anguilla, Saba and St. Barts.  Her schedule was filled with spending time on the… Continue reading Caribbean Vacation in St. Martin

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How to Throw the Perfect Bastille Day Party

While I'm an American by blood (and proud), I have this insatiable crush on France.  Its romance language makes my heart race, and its commitment to Nutella as a basic food group makes me salivate.  The French take their time, savor each moment and make some dang good dessert.  Their independence day is approaching rapidement,… Continue reading How to Throw the Perfect Bastille Day Party


5 Easy Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is a dream when I’m sitting in my car in the middle of December as I can see my breath and my leg hair pokes through my leggings.  Funny how it’s July, and I’m itching for fall because the humid heat is smothering me (and my hair).  Mid-Missouri hasn’t been too kind to me… Continue reading 5 Easy Ways to Beat the Summer Heat


Round Trip Roundup: JUNE

I'm not sure why summer is famed for its supposed lazy vacation days because there hasn't been a moment off this past month!  Although a change of pace from the semester, my summer has been bustling with activity from a spelunking daddy-daughter double date to a new workout class.  Here's my top 5 from the… Continue reading Round Trip Roundup: JUNE


Not Your Grandma’s Travel Advice

Originally published on Girl with a Planner. I love my grandma; I really do.  As kids, we’d go to the dollar store with her to pick out toys.  My siblings and I went to her house to play dress up with her colorful scarves and watch poorly-made VHS tapes about trolls.  Even though we can… Continue reading Not Your Grandma’s Travel Advice