Juliana Dever on Travel, Fear and Facing the Unknown

Ruby red slippers and the idea of traveling to a foreign land like Oz enchanted Juliana Dever as a child.  Dorothy’s character wasn’t a complete stranger; Dever too grew up in the Midwest, in St. Louis.  But Dever’s story doesn’t end like Dorothy’s, that of settling for “no place like home.”  Dever reveled in the [...]


California Road Trip: San Francisco, Big Sur, Monterey & Stanford

West Coast, Best Coast, am I right? In some ways (weather), yes, in other ways (housing economics), probably not. But the beautiful thing about vacationing on the West Coast is that you almost exclusively enjoy the positives and need not even worry about the negatives. Such was the case with my recent adventures on the [...]

How to Spend a Day on Catalina Island

Step into the life of the rich and famous on Catalina Island just miles off the coast of Los Angeles.  The moment you step off the ferry from mainland California, a deep blue harbor, quaint shops, hilltop homes and a grand casino nestled on the coast.  Bought by William Wrigley in 1919, this island was [...]

6 Museums to Visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles: Home of Hollywood, City of Stars, La La Land. L.A. is a city I fall more in love with every time I visit. Admittedly, it helps that several dear friends provide free room and board in a rather expensive city, but every time I start packing my bags to head back home, I [...]

A Love Letter to Travel

Darling Travel, I’ve known about you for most of my life.  I’ve seen you at a distance through family stories and friends’ posts on Facebook.  You looked glamorous but a bit out of my league.  You seemed nice but way beyond reach.  I remember driving home with my dad on a cold January night when [...]

A Weekend in Los Angeles

Los Angeles: land of beaches, mountains and, of course, Hollywood.  With a city so renowned, I was so excited to embark upon my adventure to the West Coast.  Naturally, I turned to my black hole addiction known as Pinterest, and I became more confused and bewildered than when I began.  I soon learned about 4,109,275,844 [...]