DIY Travel Prints

Looking around my room, I’m a little overwhelmed (and embarrassed) with the incredible amount of travel memorabilia and trinkets lying around my room.  Vintage posters of Paris and Monaco, luggage tag, passport cover, leather globe journal, Paris canvas, post cards, photos, bags.  The list keeps going.  And I look forward to when I have my own [...]


DIY Travel Mason Jar

I’m beyond ecstatic for my trip to Europe this summer... just take a look at my Pinterest account.  But at the same time, there's a million things I need to accomplish before I hop on that plane, and one of those things is saving money.  With some downtime, a spare mason jar and wanderlust on [...]

DIY Travel Bulletin Board

You’ve seen the world, and now you’re home.  Sigh.  You spend your days craving an Orangina and a walk along the Arno River.  You wish more than anything that you could be back, but unfortunately, you’re back to reality.  Whether you’re in dire need of reliving your adventures or just want some inspo, a travel [...]