Rainy Day Outfit Guide

Oh, snap.  You spent hours planning the most perfect vacation months in advance with plenty of exciting activities and adventures lined up.  But you just checked the weather for your upcoming trip: rain and storms every...flippin’...day...  But what about those cute Lilly shorts you packed?  And your adorable gold Jack Rogers?  While no amount of [...]


How to Plan the Perfect Parisian Soirée

Missing the warm croissants, cheesy omelettes and Nutella crepes of Paris?  For those of us not fortunate enough to live in the City of Light (which is pretty much most of the world), those cravings for France (and French food) come all too often.  While it’s not easy to travel to or live in Paris [...]

A Brief Guide to LONDON

When you think of London, several things may pop up into your mind: red telephone booths, royal weddings (and royal babies!!), fish n’ chips and Ed Sheeran, of course.  It’s quite overwhelming to decide your agenda when there’s millions of things you could do in this bustling city.  Here are just several quick highlights I [...]