How to Fight Burnout and Find Inspiration

We’ve all been there: Looking at your laptop with nothing to type.  Reading your full agenda with no motivation to start your to-do list.  Laying in your bed with no end in sight to senseless scrolling through social media.  And it doesn’t bother you—and then it bothers you that it doesn’t bother you. I get [...]


Finding Beauty in the Unknown

So many things in life are planned to the T.  From the specific minute your flight takes off to your assigned seat in grade school (next to that really annoying kid, of course), the moment the post office opens to the second tickets go on sale for your favorite band.  And as Americans, we pride [...]

Why I Always Work on Vacation

A mound of paperwork masters a balancing act on your desk at the office.  Sticky notes with tasks you’ve been avoiding glare at you.  And you didn’t know it was possible to receive a number of emails this outrageous on a weekend.  With the stress of work, family, and day-to-day life, we instantly imagine ourselves [...]

A Love Letter to Travel

Darling Travel, I’ve known about you for most of my life.  I’ve seen you at a distance through family stories and friends’ posts on Facebook.  You looked glamorous but a bit out of my league.  You seemed nice but way beyond reach.  I remember driving home with my dad on a cold January night when [...]

Understanding Personal Growth in Retrospect

Nobody likes a long, stuffy car ride.  Or a five-hour layover in the Denver airport because your dad had to return the rental car before noon so as not to be charged for another day (sorry, Dad, but I’m forever bitter).  In these moments, you may be stir crazy, frustrated and ready to just arrive [...]

Why Rest is Mandatory for Your Trip Itinerary

Go, go, go.  You’ve paid the big bucks for a hotel, activities, food and everything else under the sun, and you will enjoy it if it’s the last thing you do.  It’s easy to think we need to use every moment of vacation to sightsee, tour and explore.  But if you come home exhausted and drained, [...]