Round Trip Roundup: FEBRUARY

The fact that I started drafting on the last day of the month might give you a clue that I've been beyond swamped.  And even when I looked back, the last 28 days just seem like a random slew of events.  It's been such a sweet month with many firsts, but at the same time,… Continue reading Round Trip Roundup: FEBRUARY


Gratitude: Challenge & Choice Part 1

Blankets wadded up on my bed, stray granola bar wrappers on my dresser, an untouched agenda hiding under a pile of clothes on the floor.  That’s my life right now; chaos, stress, trashy.  But it’s real, it’s me.  (Is it normal that Mitchie from Camp Rock is coming to my mind right now?) I itched… Continue reading Gratitude: Challenge & Choice Part 1


9 Things I Learned From My Summer Abroad

Nutella, chocolate macaroons and café au lait.  I tasted 'em all during my summer in Toulouse, France.  But beyond the good eats and stunning sights, I took in many lessons from this time abroad, ones I'll hold close to my heart for years to come.  Here are nine things I learned from my summer abroad:… Continue reading 9 Things I Learned From My Summer Abroad