Vlog: How to Pack for 3 Weeks in Europe During Winter

I can usually get away with 30 minutes of frantic packing when it comes to a weekend trip, and it all ends up just fine.  But an international trip?  A trip that lasts three weeks?  A trip during the winter?  Hot dang.  I might need more than 30 minutes and one run to the store. [...]


How to Pack for a Summer in France

It's only three months, but at the same time, it's three freakin' months!  Packing for a summer abroad can be both harder and easier than just a week-long vacation.  What can I buy once I arrive?  What can I not live without for three months?  Will I even know where to buy nail polish remover [...]

How to Pack a Carryon for a Weekend Trip

Never have I ever traveled with just a carryon.  Oh, but I took the challenge for my weekend in Waco, Texas.  Checking luggage is hard to avoid if you like to pack everything under the sun like me, but with a quick trip, opting for only a carryon makes more sense.  Here’s what I packed in my [...]

9 Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Pack

Underwear?  Check.  Swimsuit?  Yep.  Headphones?  Of course.  We each have our list of items we are sure to never forget.  But it feels that almost every time you reach your destination, you can think of more items you wished you would've packed.  Below I've shared several items that are easy to forget but are necessities: [...]