How to Spend A Day in Paris

I know what you're thinking. It simply can't be done. Pas du tout ! Listen here: if a day is all you have, take it and don't look back. I was on a Europe tour, and France wasn't on the list. Being the wannabe francophile I am, which shouldn't come as a shock, I squeezed [...]


Round Trip Roundup: JANUARY

6 countries, 7 cities, 100 plus miles walked. You could say January was stacked. I spent the majority of the month abroad and living out of a suitcase. Those city guides should be hitting your news feeds and inboxes each Wednesday for the next month at least. Although you'll be reading more in depth about [...]

A Love Letter to Travel

Darling Travel, I’ve known about you for most of my life.  I’ve seen you at a distance through family stories and friends’ posts on Facebook.  You looked glamorous but a bit out of my league.  You seemed nice but way beyond reach.  I remember driving home with my dad on a cold January night when [...]

DIY Travel Bulletin Board

You’ve seen the world, and now you’re home.  Sigh.  You spend your days craving an Orangina and a walk along the Arno River.  You wish more than anything that you could be back, but unfortunately, you’re back to reality.  Whether you’re in dire need of reliving your adventures or just want some inspo, a travel [...]

5 Things I Didn’t Know Before Starting A Travel Blog

Two whole years.  I still can’t believe I started my WordPress blog two years ago on December 1.  No, I haven’t sold all my possessions (which would really only be a phone and a laptop) or stormed out of my 9-5 office job to travel the world, but I have learned a thing or two [...]

11 Things to Buy if You Love France

It’s been almost two years since I visited France, and I literally can’t stop thinking about my très magnifique trip.  If you’re anything like me, you obsess over going back, but some days even jammin’ to Stromae and spammin’ Pinterest with 7 million “What to Pack for Paris” pins don’t soothe your wanderlust bite.  Take [...]

How to Plan the Perfect Parisian Soirée

Missing the warm croissants, cheesy omelettes and Nutella crepes of Paris?  For those of us not fortunate enough to live in the City of Light (which is pretty much most of the world), those cravings for France (and French food) come all too often.  While it’s not easy to travel to or live in Paris [...]