Learning to Celebrate How Far You’ve Come

Unchecked boxes, incomplete plans and unaccomplished goals.  I always feel like I’m reaching for the next thing and trying to do more, to be more.  And it’s exhausting.  Camping out in the what ifs rarely does any good, but instead it tears you down to the point of helplessness.  As the semester winds down, I’m [...]


When Your Year Wasn’t What You’d Hoped For

Think about where you were 365 days ago.  When I think about where I was one year ago, the wind gets knocked out of me; that person just seems so much younger, more inexperienced and less mature—and it’s true.  Reflecting on this year is quite the workout.  I lived in Toulouse, France for the summer [...]

What Leaving Teaches You About Life

I couldn’t have been more ready to peace outta this joint when I moved last August.  The allure of meeting new people, making a new routine and simply starting over captivated me.  My roommate and I often talk about how if we would’ve known what was headed our way, we probably wouldn’t have signed up.  This past [...]