7 Road Trip Essentials For Your Next Adventure

I absolutely love road trips–the scenery rushing past my car window, my thoughts dancing about in my head and conversation floating throughout the car.  The journey can make travel stressful, but it can also be an extremely refreshing, productive time.  Whether you're road tripping through the south of France or along the West Coast, here [...]


Inside a Road Trip through Iceland

It honestly was an accident the way Laura Miserez decided to go on a trip to Iceland.  Two of her lifelong friends, Lauren and Brooke Micke, had already started planning their trip to Iceland and mentioned it to Laura.  Naturally, she told them how jealous she was, and they extended an invite—which she didn’t take [...]

Soul Searching on the Road: a Journey to the West Coast

With her teddy bear, her boyfriend and some photos, she left home and wouldn’t return for over five months.  After a difficult year of panic attacks and a loss of motivation, Guinevere Sheafer knew she needed to stop her college studies to prioritize her mental health. “While I met some influential people and learned quite [...]