Top 10 Beauty Products for Travel

When the Monday morning alarm buzzes, I’m usually not thrilled.  And I doubt you are either.  I know I try to snooze as long as I can and often cut short my makeup routine.  But when it comes to travel, your excitement for adventure may not match your desire to disregard your lack of sleep… Continue reading Top 10 Beauty Products for Travel


7 Not-So-Touristy Souvenirs to Buy

It’s way too easy to buy the souvenirs that most others do: T-shirts, snow globes, and teddy bears.  But your trip is unique and what you buy should reflect that.  Here are some useful, memorable souvenirs that you’ll be itching to take home on your next vacation. 1. Postcards Yeah, they’re cliché, but some can… Continue reading 7 Not-So-Touristy Souvenirs to Buy