9 Things I Learned From My Summer Abroad

Nutella, chocolate macaroons and café au lait.  I tasted 'em all during my summer in Toulouse, France.  But beyond the good eats and stunning sights, I took in many lessons from this time abroad, ones I'll hold close to my heart for years to come.  Here are nine things I learned from my summer abroad:… Continue reading 9 Things I Learned From My Summer Abroad


The Toxicity of Comparison

“Soon, very soon,” I’d tell myself every time I’d scroll through Instagram.  Friends studying abroad posted glamorous photos of their travels in places all over the world from England to Greece.  My cluttered desk with a plastic bag of dirt underneath (don’t ask) along with stray Cheerios that hadn’t made it to the trash can… Continue reading The Toxicity of Comparison


Why Living Abroad Isn’t Perfect

A summer in France?  Ugh, I’m so jealous!  You’re going to have so much fun!  My summer is so boring compared to yours!  Yes, I’m #blessed to be spending three months in such a beautiful country with a rich culture, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret: it’s not perfect. I… Continue reading Why Living Abroad Isn’t Perfect


How to Make a House a Home While Living Abroad

The expat life looks glamorous with its exotic culture and foreign foods, but there’s something to say for familiarity and known.  Living abroad may include a host of new experiences and exciting adventures, but it’s important to create a “homey” space in your apartment or house while living abroad for any amount of time. 1.… Continue reading How to Make a House a Home While Living Abroad


How to Pack for a Summer in France

It's only three months, but at the same time, it's three freakin' months!  Packing for a summer abroad can be both harder and easier than just a week-long vacation.  What can I buy once I arrive?  What can I not live without for three months?  Will I even know where to buy nail polish remover… Continue reading How to Pack for a Summer in France