Round Trip Roundup: MARCH

Sixth grade didn't seem so long ago, thanks to the Jonas Brothers getting back together with their new single "Sucker." March was packed with revisiting my sixth grade boy band obsession (it was bad, let me tell you), keeping busy at work and school and traveling to New York. The weather is warming up, and [...]


Photo Diary: Christmas Markets in Prague

I’d heard of these Christmas markets and how magical they were, but I had yet to see them for myself until I visited Prague this January. Christmas had been over for more than a week, but Prague’s Christmas markets in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square were abuzz with sweet treats and little trinkets. From [...]

Juliana Dever on Travel, Fear and Facing the Unknown

Ruby red slippers and the idea of traveling to a foreign land like Oz enchanted Juliana Dever as a child.  Dorothy’s character wasn’t a complete stranger; Dever too grew up in the Midwest, in St. Louis.  But Dever’s story doesn’t end like Dorothy’s, that of settling for “no place like home.”  Dever reveled in the [...]

Versatile Blogger Award

Versatility is something I always strive for, and in a culture that moves three billion miles per minute, it’s essential that we wear many hats.  In life, that may mean doing more than just your 9-5 job.  When it comes to blogging, it usually means writing, editing, photo-taking and designing.  It can be a lot of [...]

5 Things I Didn’t Know Before Starting A Travel Blog

Two whole years.  I still can’t believe I started my WordPress blog two years ago on December 1.  No, I haven’t sold all my possessions (which would really only be a phone and a laptop) or stormed out of my 9-5 office job to travel the world, but I have learned a thing or two [...]

7 Gift Ideas for the Traveler

Eep!  Christmas is just around the corner, and I cannot wait to make Muddie Buddies, watch Elf and Eloise at Christmastime and find the perfect gifts for family and friends.  While I do love scouring the Internet and aisles of Target to find presents for the gal pals and sibs, it’s really tough when you have NO [...]

4 Lessons I Learned from Travel

I don't know many people who never dream of escaping to the beach or cuddling up with a good book in the mountains every once in awhile.  The jury’s out: vacation is fun.  Duh.  And even though most of us have had the opportunity to get out and see some part of the world (even if it’s [...]

Why A Picture is Worth a Thousand Lies

I can’t think of many people who hate the holidays, but I know almost no one who enjoyed taking the family Christmas card.  Ever.  Just one more, kids.  Here, let me just lick my finger and get that random smudge off your face (#ew).  JUST SIT STILL ALREADY AND LOOK LIKE YOU LOVE EACH OTHER.  [...]