QUIZ: Where Should I Travel This Summer?

Ah, decisions, decisions.  Our days consist of so many decisions from what to eat for breakfast to should I work out or nap?  (The answer is always nap btw.)  Reduce your number of decisions by taking this quiz that will decide your summer travel destination for you.


Confessions of a Study Abroad Student

Sitting in an American classroom with a French textbook can only do so much.  Sure, it provides the base to succeed once abroad, but touching down on French soil is an entirely different experience.  I worked in Toulouse, France last summer and love learning to travel deeper, but have never experienced a traditional study abroad… Continue reading Confessions of a Study Abroad Student


Photo Diary: Brunch in Soulard

You learn something new every day, including a town you've lived in for decades.  This week I met up for brunch with my friend Kait, and when we were deciding where to dine, I suggested City Coffeehouse and Crêperie (per usual).  But she suggested we try a new place she'd never been to in Soulard.… Continue reading Photo Diary: Brunch in Soulard


Postcard from Abroad: Munich, Germany

I’ve been drooling this entire semester.  My best friend Riley is studying abroad for a semester in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and as if living in Europe weren’t enough, she gets ample opportunity to travel around on the weekends.  Although I can’t be in Europe, I’ve loved looking through all her photos from trips to places… Continue reading Postcard from Abroad: Munich, Germany


QUIZ: Which City Are You Crushing On?

Heart aflutter.  Breath stolen.  Jaw dropped.  Reality suspended—for a moment.  Travel makes me giddy.  An unexplored city to discover, to know and to love is one of my favorite things.  It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m sitting here crushing about cities.  (Yes, I wrote a love letter to travel.) Some cities make us say, “eh, I… Continue reading QUIZ: Which City Are You Crushing On?


3 Ways to Beat Jet Lag According to Sleep Specialists

Rustling and rumbling in your bed the night before a big trip?  I know—I get excited for big trips too.  Trying every position possible to get some shut-eye on the plane ride to no avail?  I get you.  I remember my heavy eyelids after my flight to London from the intense jet lag and know… Continue reading 3 Ways to Beat Jet Lag According to Sleep Specialists


Round Trip Roundup: DECEMBER

"How am I supposed to slow it down so I can figure out who I am?"  This Judah & the Lion lyric resonates with me greatly looking back on this past month, semester and year overall.  It's true what they say about life getting faster the older you get.  Here's a quick recap on the… Continue reading Round Trip Roundup: DECEMBER


Inside a Road Trip through Iceland

It honestly was an accident the way Laura Miserez decided to go on a trip to Iceland.  Two of her lifelong friends, Lauren and Brooke Micke, had already started planning their trip to Iceland and mentioned it to Laura.  Naturally, she told them how jealous she was, and they extended an invite—which she didn’t take… Continue reading Inside a Road Trip through Iceland


Girls’ Weekend In KC

Growing up with extended family who lived in Kansas City, I’ve been there more times than I can count.  And it’s for that reason that I’ve taken the gem of a city for granted; I’ve only ever been to their houses and haven't seen the city. But recently some gal pals invited me for a… Continue reading Girls’ Weekend In KC


The Story Behind Round Trip

I remember the page-long list of blog title ideas I rattled off sitting on the carpet in my older sister’s room.  I’d read off some, and soon enough Taylor said, “Stop.  Round Trip, I like the ring of that.”  And a baby was born—my blog baby was born.  (Motherhood gets to ya, man…)  And in… Continue reading The Story Behind Round Trip