Photo Diary: Dallas Arboretum

I like to hit the ground running. I'm spending my summer in the deep south, in Texas that is, and although I won't be traveling across the globe this summer, I'm looking forward to digging in deep and exploring Texas. My first adventure was the Dallas Arboretum. Other than the fact that it's all over [...]


How to Start a Blog

I get it. You have a lot to say, and you need to say it. The great thing about the internet is that there's virtually limitless, free space to share your thoughts. Yes, there are thousands of blogs out on the web, but I believe everyone has a story and valuable things to say. If [...]

Round Trip Roundup: MARCH

Sixth grade didn't seem so long ago, thanks to the Jonas Brothers getting back together with their new single "Sucker." March was packed with revisiting my sixth grade boy band obsession (it was bad, let me tell you), keeping busy at work and school and traveling to New York. The weather is warming up, and [...]

8 Things You Need to Do Before Studying Abroad

You’ve turned in the application and bought your plane ticket.  You spend your days procrastinating homework by googling photos of your soon-to-be home and planning weekend trips.  I’ve been there in the pre-study abroad haze.  You might’ve reached the point where the excitement dulls for just a moment and you start freaking out: How should [...]

Round Trip Roundup: JANUARY

6 countries, 7 cities, 100 plus miles walked. You could say January was stacked. I spent the majority of the month abroad and living out of a suitcase. Those city guides should be hitting your news feeds and inboxes each Wednesday for the next month at least. Although you'll be reading more in depth about [...]

Photo Diary: Christmas Markets in Prague

I’d heard of these Christmas markets and how magical they were, but I had yet to see them for myself until I visited Prague this January. Christmas had been over for more than a week, but Prague’s Christmas markets in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square were abuzz with sweet treats and little trinkets. From [...]

Vlog: How to Pack for 3 Weeks in Europe During Winter

I can usually get away with 30 minutes of frantic packing when it comes to a weekend trip, and it all ends up just fine.  But an international trip?  A trip that lasts three weeks?  A trip during the winter?  Hot dang.  I might need more than 30 minutes and one run to the store. [...]

Photo Diary: Chicago at Christmastime

Short but sweet.  I was in Chicago for less than 24 hours, but it was packed with activity and a great getaway.  And all at Christmastime (with surprisingly good weather for Chicago)!We started our night at the Skydeck in Willis Tower.  We paid $24 for each ticket and zoomed up the 103 floors in a [...]