Photo Diary: Dallas Farmers Market

Before I moved to Dallas, I did my homework. I researched and read different blogs on all the best things to do in Dallas, which yielded me a long bucket list that I refer to most weekends. It's easy to move to a new place and get so sucked into the daily routine of life: … Continue reading Photo Diary: Dallas Farmers Market


Giveaway Time!

Summer is on the horizon, which means travel is on the brain more than ever. Lucky for you, I'm giving away my book, 40 Ways to Travel Better, so you can make the most of your time, money and energy. Enter now!

8 Things You Need to Do Before Studying Abroad

You’ve turned in the application and bought your plane ticket.  You spend your days procrastinating homework by googling photos of your soon-to-be home and planning weekend trips.  I’ve been there in the pre-study abroad haze.  You might’ve reached the point where the excitement dulls for just a moment and you start freaking out: How should … Continue reading 8 Things You Need to Do Before Studying Abroad