A Classy Afternoon in Columbia, MO

After a long, overwhelming three weeks, I needed a break, and Labor Day weekend has done just that for me.  On Friday night, Cate, Claire and Molly invited me last-minute to grab brunch with them on Saturday in downtown Columbia, Missouri.  Brunch?  Friends?  Umm, yes please.  COMO may not be the busiest and most bustling city, but it’s a great stop if you’re in for a Mizzou football game or just driving through on a road trip.  Let me share some tips with you to have a classy afternoon in Columbia, Missouri.Version 2

Brunch at Cafe Berlin

FRIENDS.  Hear me out!  One of the gal pals heard a recommendation for this spot from a friend, and as we approached it, I was a tad skeptical.  It was by no means glamorous from the outside, but stepping inside, you’ll be greeted by suspended mason jar lights, string lights, naked light bulbs and exposed rafters.  I indulged (and I do mean indulge) in French toast on gluten-free bread and a side of roasted potatoes.  The French toast was incredibly sweet and fabulously topped with powdered sugar (a necessity, duh).  And the gal pals and I couldn’t stop talking about those potatoes for hours, and I’m being completely serious…  These potatoes were so salty and so garlicky and even included a sweet potato here and there.  In the middle of our meal, we decided it would be our goal to come back and eventually order every single thing off the menu in the next year.  Challenge accepted!Berlin Cafe Columbia Missouri French Toast


Walking from Cafe Berlin, we stopped at a thrift shop called Consign and Design.  I know thrifting has been trendy for awhile, but this was one of my first times partaking.  The verdict?  I’ll so be back!  This cute store had charming blue staircases inside and a clean yet cozy layout.  And I bought a Polo Ralph Lauren pink gingham button down and tie top for $9!  The crew also strolled through Renaissance Vinyl which had some music with a nice beat and bass going in the background.  For the artsy music people out there, this is a fun spot to check out.  And 10% for students!  Later we stopped by Absolute Vintage, which provided more dated clothing pieces than Consign and Design.  In this store, I found a plaid schoolgirl skirt, a floor length bubblegum velvet dress and a cotton pink jumpsuit.  I know exactly where I’ll be going for my Halloween costume this year!  A stark contrast from the thrift life, Fortuity carries ample boutique attire, sorority memorabilia, Mizzou gear, Columbia clothes and Lilly Pulitzer.Columbia MO Consign and Design Gal PalsRenaissance Vinyl Columbia MO

Coffee at Fretboard

Coffee ice cubes.  Need I say more?  Just stepping into this coffeeshop, you’ll instantly feel cooler.  Fretboard boasts a trendy vibe with its unfinished look of exposed brick mixed with a faded blue paint over the walls.  Behind the counter, you’ll see hanging mugs, and in a sitting room, burlap bags and random guitar surround the couch and chairs.  While we didn’t check it out quite yet, this coffee spot connects to an art gallery.  But my iced mocha latte was very creamy and the boost I needed.Fretboard Coffee Columbia Missouri

Stroll through Helmi’s Gardens

Also another recommendation from a friend, this greenhouse is beyond darling, and it’s open year-round.  Of course, this spot carries a wide range of plants from cacti to air plants, but it also offers vintage mason jars, milk bottles, typewriters and glassware.  I bought a cute little cactus that I named Joey for $6, and I’m super psyched.  The gal pals and I enjoyed strolling through the quaint greenhouse and snapping pics (bc it literally is picture-perfect!!).  P.S. they have cats who just walk around as you’re shopping for plants #casualHelmi's Gardens Greenhouse Columbia MOHelmi's Gardens CactiProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetHelmi's Gardens Columbia Missouri Round TripHelmi's Gardens Columbia MO Cat

I never expected Columbia to have such a vibrant and interesting “city” life, and I can’t wait to go back to explore more.  If you’re looking for a classy yet casual afternoon before a tailgate or on a road trip, I’d 10/10 recommend COMO.



{Where do you like stopping in Columbia, MO?}

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