9 Best Coffee Shops in Dallas

You don’t have to be a genius to know that coffee isn’t created equal. And neither are coffee shops. I spent my summer living in Dallas and exploring the best of its coffee scene. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite spots in order of preference.

Next time you’re in Dallas, be sure to check out these top 9 coffee shops:

1 . La La Land

Hands down, this coffee spot took the No. 1 spot in my heart. Not only does it have parking but it’s also in the Lower Greenville neighborhood, which means it’s close to a lively, walkable street with restaurants and shops. Its bright yellow hues, homey appearance and comfy seating are just the beginning. The French toast latte as well as the Thin Mint latte are must-haves. I loved this spot so much that I bought a tee to commemorate the many trips I made here throughout my summer.

2 . Sip Stir

This place has potential for both conversation and study time. I’m all about its creme brûlée latte because I’m always looking to try something other than my go-to caramel latte. Sip Stir has great space to spread out and takes my second place spot for Dallas coffee.

3 . Herb’s House

The first time I drove here, I had a hard time finding it as it’s tucked away. Still centrally located, this bright coffee spot looked to be a hub for students with SMU conveniently located nearby. Herb’s too had ample space, some parking and even board games.

4 . Magnolias Sous Le Pont

Right in the heart of downtown, Magnolias has a distinct style with its richly colored wood, modern lighting, trendy tiles and chic accents. And the name has French in it! Parking was a bit tricky, but it’s worth a visit when you’re in Dallas next.

5 . Mudsmith

I’d planned on trying La La Land one Saturday afternoon, but when I saw the line was out the door and my body needs caffeine quick, I explored a nearby street and stumbled into Mudsmith. Stuffed buck heads, large maps and vintage knick knacks fill this grungy coffeehouse-meets-bar. Be sure to make a stop to the bathroom in the back for colorful walls and handwriting all over it.

6 . Houndstooth

A group of friends and I met here every weekend, and it’s lightly colored wood, lush greenery and modern space made it cozy. The coffee has a cult following, but it’s on the stronger side. For the coffee purists, this is a must-try.

7 . LDU

Another good stop for the coffee enthusiast. Its coffee leans to the stronger side, and the spot has a limited menu. Books and magazines are spread across the counter, and the staff is very kind. When our office lost power, a large group of the staff set up shop here.

8 . Fiction

This spot is so darn cute, there’s even a mural right outside. Graced with a brick wall interior and scattered plants, it’s a hipster hole in the wall in the truest sense, meaning I’ve seen shoeboxes larger than this coffee dive. It’s worth a trip, but it has limited seating and parking.

9 . Royal Blue

In the boujee-est of boujee neighborhoods Highland Park Village. It’s really a grocery store that sells flowers and gelato and also coffee. It’s in a gorgeous neighborhood and has great room to spread out.

What are your favorite coffee spots? Tell me in the comments. If you’re looking for more Dallas recommendations, check out my Dallas City Guide.

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